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Fillmore House Men's Sober Living Home at Mile High Sober Living Denver, Colorado. Emerson House Women's Sober Living Home at Mile High Sober Living Denver, Colorado Clayton House Men's Sober Living Home at Mile High Sober Living Denver, Colorado Clayton Womens Home Women's Sober Living at Mile High Sober Living Denver, Colorado Dartmouth House Men's Sober Living at Mile High Sober Living Denver, Colorado

Colorado Recovery Residences

Live and recover in a Victorian home in one of Denver’s nicest neighborhoods. We’re walking distance to any and all 12 step meetings, coffee shops, restaurants Quick access to Cheesman Park, Congress Park, City Park, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Zoo, museums. We’re on public transportation and a straight shot to downtown Denver.

The house borders the neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, Cherry Creek, Park Hill, City Park, Cheesman Park and Washington Park. It is just a 5-minute walk to the York Street Club which was founded in 1948 and has various 12 step meetings 7 days a week from early in the morning to late at night.

Clayton House Men’s Sober Living

Clayton House Women’s Sober Living

Denver Sober Living

We are surrounded by art, culture, and all the activities Colorado has to offer. We are close to coffee shops, museums, galleries, restaurants, parks, museums, gyms, and have access to lots of public transportation (RTD). The 16th Street Mall and Downtown Denver is very close by and so are tons of sporting events.

Denver, CO has a strong economy and is known as a great place to live if you want to live a healthy life. Skiing, boarding, hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and many other activities are available.

I believe real recovery starts the day a person gets out of treatment and this sober living house is the perfect place to learn how to live sober and to start life over.

We provide the support and accountability needed to support someone in the early stages of sobriety. Our program is designed to be part of the early continuum of care for someone in early recovery.

Dartmouth House Men’s Sober Living

Emerson House Women’s Sober Living

Fillmore House Men’s Sober Living

Our Homes

Mile High Sober Living offers an affectionate and supportive home for individuals that will assist with learning personal skills, responsibility, and help form a long-term healthy sober lifestyle.

Residents of the MHSL have the benefit of being surrounded by a community of people who share backgrounds and similar future goals. With availability to a highly dedicated staff and supportive peer group; residents will have a balance of support, structure, and freedom to help them live a fulfilling and sober life.

Our home features include cozy bedrooms, large bathrooms, comfortable social living areas, and a relaxing backyard. Our house is set up to allow our residents to succeed, and continue their early recovery after drug and/or alcohol detox and treatment. Life is good here as there is always something enlightening healthy, productive, and rewarding to do or see.